Vissers Plant Innovators renewed cultivation method!

Vissers Plant Innovators has taken an important step with the support of the European Union and the Province of Limburg with support (Program for Rural Development 2014-2020 POP-3 subsidy) in the development of an extra narrow breeding gutter in combination with a renewed hanging system. The new design allows the light to penetrate deeper into the crop. As a result, double cultivation is possible. The innovative system has been installed in the recently newly built greenhouse. In the  new construction of this greenhouse, specially built for the conditioned propagation of strawberry plants, very fine insect netting are installed near the ventilation windows. As a result, the use of natural crop protection products is also further reduced. In addition, the drain water from the cultivation trays is reused after purification. In short, a total system, better for people and the environment.

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