Pioneer in the strawberry plant industry

Vissers Aardbeiplanten was established in 1961 by A.G. Vissers, when he started propagating strawberry plants. The company increased its turnover and the number of varieties in the subsequent years. Developments such as late crops and the propagation of the required plant types have been closely followed and applied. A.G. Vissers can undoubtedly be regarded as a pioneer in the sector. In the meantime, the company has been taken over by his 2 sons Ard and Leon, who enthusiastically continue the innovative character of the company.

For an impression of Vissers, check our photoalbum.

Check our photoalbum

Propagator for commercial growers

Since the early pioneering days, Vissers Aardbeiplanten has developed into a leading company in the sector. The company is located in the south of the Netherlands, with its good light sandy soil, adequate light and favourable summer temperatures. We currently propagate a complete range of varieties and plant types, such as waiting-bed plant, A+ extra, A+ and standard. A full overview of the varieties can be found on our site. At the end of the 1980s, we also started to propagate asparagus plants. Many growers grow both crops and this approach allowed us to supply them with plant material. All good Dutch F1 hybrids are also available for this. Vissers Aardbeiplanten BV concentrates on the commercial growers.

Vissers' vision

Vissers produces top quality, healthy plant material in order that growers can enjoy the most optimal start.

Plenty of time and money is invested in research and development in order to achieve this; an extensive crossing program me actively searches for better varieties. The propagation of super elite varieties has been safeguarded in our new aphid-proof greenhouses. Machinery used to care for and harvest the plants is developed and optimized, and the most modern cold storage units are used.

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